The Moroline Jar seems to be a very common find and has generated more emails than any single item on the Treasure Chronicle website. I created this page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this interesting little jar.

What is Moroline? - Moroline is the equivalent of our modern day Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Is It old/How old? - Moroline was first used in Jan. of 1931. A trademark was applied for on                                 April 6 1931 and was granted on Oct. 6 1931.

When was it last used? - I don't know...even though they kept the trademark active until                                         1991, their oldest employees do not recall the product.

How much is it worth? - Unfortunately this jar is still quite common and has very little value...                                       Maybe .50 - $2.00 depending on condition. Of course, jars with                                       labels/contents still intact are worth considerably more.

Who made this stuff? - Moroline was a product of Plough Inc. founded by Abe Plough who                                      was born in 1892. At age 16, he borrowed $125 from his father,                                      purchased a horse and a wagon and sold remedies to people in                                      Memphis, Tennesee. The Plough Company was founded in 1920 and                                      incorporated in 1922 as Plough, Inc. In 1971 Plough merged with                                      Schering to form the Shering-Plough Corp.

 Early Moroline Jar Half Round Moroline Jar Labeled Moroline Jar

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