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Kerr Token

I had to make a quick business trip to Cedar Creek, TX, but rather than making the drive down there and back to Fort Worth in one day, I decided to turn this into a weekend detecting trip. I have a good friend and fellow detectorist who owns property in the ghost town of Muldoon. His place in Muldoon is a weekend get-a-way for him and his wife. It was only about 35 miles from where I needed to be in Cedar Creek so I met him in Muldoon Thursday evening. After my quick trip to Cedar Creek on Friday we spent the rest of the day and weekend detecting around town.

The main store in Muldoon was the A.B. Kerr & Sons. The building was built in 1890 and is still standing. It was restored a few years ago and is now used as a reception hall.

Kerr General StoreWe had obtained permission to hunt the site of the drug store which was across the road from the general store. Practically the first signal was a tent rope tensioner. Then it was one after the other. I was getting pretty excited thinking that maybe there had been several tents set up here for some outdoor activities in the past but after 30 minutes of not finding any keepers I was thinking otherwise. I kept at it and moved farther out into the field away from the road. The only signal out there turned out to be a nice scalloped Kerr General Store Token. After another hour of hunting nothing else turned up but the token made it all worthwhile.

Kerr General Store Token

We hunted different spots around Muldoon the rest of the weekend and ended up with some other goodies. Indian heads, buffalo nickels, war nickels,  wheaties and other misc. stuff but no silver. I think this place has been cherry picked in the past.

Muldoon TX Finds

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