James Type II CW Shell!

James Pattern II Artillery Shell

Unbelievable! Another James shell from my favorite Civil War site. This one, however, is a pattern II. My first two shells were pattern I sub pattern I’s. This one came from the field where I found my first shell, which has very acidic soil, as you can tell from the pitting. The good thing though? The amount of sabot left on it!

James shell right out of the ground

This was one of those crazy first hole days. I got out of the truck, turned on my machine, only went about 40′ into the hay field and got this signal. First target of the day!

These type II shells are easier to clean than type I’s because of the open fins. The problem with this particular shell was the amount of sabot still attached. That slowed down the cleaning process but I was still able to finish it in about 2 weeks.

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