Locket With a Surprise…


I hunted a yard in a nearby town today using a Garrett GTAx1000. Looking at the house you wouldn’t expect much. Average frame home built in the 50’s. I figured it might be good for some silver Rosies or the likes. As far as coins, I didn’t find any silver just wheaties and a 1953 play coin. I did, however, make an interesting find with a locket. It was corroded shut and looked to be fake. When I got home I had planned on throwing it in the junk jewelry box but after prying it opened I saw that it held a little surprise. One of the photos was still intact. Pretty cool if you ask me. The locket won find-of-the month contests at several of the clubs and most recently won Vaughan Garrett’s Favorite Find of the Month.

Girl Scout RingAlso scored this vintage girl scout ring. Old advertisements date this ring to 1956-1960. For an hour and a half of time killing this turned out to be a pretty good hunt.

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