Treasure Sensor 1000…

Treasure Sensor 1000

We had some mild weather last week so I tackled the project of replacing my HVAC. The furnace was shot and I didn’t want to go through another winter with a hole in the heat exchanger. While working in the attic I came across the first metal detector I ever bought. Forgot that I had kept it. Circa 1979…Treasure Sensor 1000. I was about 11 and had been saving my money. We had a department store called Edisons within walking distance. When I had enough saved I made a bee line to get this thing. What a disappointment! This machine was such a POS but it was really good to see it after all these years.

HVAC unit

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7 thoughts on “Treasure Sensor 1000…

  1. It works ok. But being a tech, I tried to improve it. Quite unstable. Hard to keep from drifting off. So I replaced the control with a 10 turn variable resistance, now easily set .

  2. Hi, I started detecting with a Brinkmann Treasure Sensor 1000 back in 1977. Would you sell it? Past auction show them going for as much as $13 not including shipping. Would you take $35 which would include shipping? Please contact me at

  3. Can you teach me how to replace the batteries in it because I have one in my closet that is still in great condition and it has the origional yellow on it but it is not for sale.

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