Train Depot Yields Barber…

train depot finds

A friend of mine was staying on a ranch about 3 hours SW of my hometown. We planned on doing some arrowhead hunting and metal detecting. I had no clue how to find this ranch so we agreed to meet at a train depot in the town nearest the ranch so that I could follow him back to it. The depot is now a park and we have hunted it several times. I ended up arriving about 15 minutes early so I thought I would swing the Shadow X2 until he arrived. I noticed that the city had dug up a small area of the park. It looked like an irrigation valve or something they repaired. In the fresh dirt I found a couple of clad coins. I was thinking this might be pretty good but the dug area was small and I was running out of fresh dirt. As I was getting to the edge I got the Barber quarter and the very next signal was the Santa Fe stamp. If the city hadn’t dug up this little area bringing these items closer to the surface I doubt I would have found them. This park has been pretty well pounded but this just reminds us that there are still some goodies down deep.

1899 barber quarter - 2013Santa Fe Stamp

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