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Eyeglasses found!

I didn’t know eyeglasses were so expensive these days…I don’t wear them (yet anyways…but prolly need them) and had no clue. I was contacted by a gentlemen today through an old acquaintance of mine whom I haven’t seen in years. It seems people remember me as “the guy that metal detects”. This is another example of – no good deed goes unpunished. This man lives in a rural part of Texas and on his way home from work yesterday evening he spots a little kitten on the desolate back roads to his house. He pulls over and after a short chase through the ditch he catches it. After returning home and giving the cat food and water he realized that his new pair of prescription glasses were gone from his shirt pocket. He rescues a kitten but loses his glasses. He goes back to the ditch with a flashlight but couldn’t locate them.
When he called me this morning with the story I agreed to pick him up at his house so that he could show me how to get to the location. I took my shadow with a 7″ coil and my Sidewinder with a 4″ coil in case the weeds were thick. We get to the site and its a shallow ditch with short grass next to the road that got taller and thicker towards a ranch fence. He showed me some of the places he thought he bent down and I started scanning with the Shadow. I don’t know why I didn’t ask right away but about 10 minutes into the search I ask if he knew what the frames were made of…Titanium…uggh. I knew this was about to get problematic. Especially when he said that they were similar to the old pair he was wearing. However, the new glasses had frames that were smaller and lighter. His old ones wouldn’t even read on the Shadow unless I was in all metal mode. I switched to the Sidewinder, put it in all metal and started gridding the ditch. Scanning in an out of the clumps of weeds and grass. Lots of signals so I just parted the grass knowing the glasses would be on the surface. After about 20 minutes I got a little blip as I felt my coil hit something in the weeds. I look down and there they were…barely visible. Luckily he had just walked through this area and didn’t step on them. He was a happy guy. These glasses were only a few weeks old and he dreaded the thought of having to spend another 400.00 on a replacement pair. As usual, he offered to pay and I refused…but he made a counter offer that I couldn’t turn down. Lunch at a nearby restaurant known for fantastic Mexican food. Yes, it lived up to it’s reputation.

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