A Nickel Trifecta…


Finds from 3-28-2016

I always thought if I got a trifecta it would be with pennies or dimes. Looks like my first will be with nickels. We hit an old park today that has a lot of history. The land that makes up this park had history even before the city officially obtained it and deemed it a park. I did some research and learned that the outer edge of this park contained a large two story manor that’s long gone now. This area is the outer fringe of the park and is now overgrown to the point that you can barely swing a detector. Luckily, I was able to dig a 1908 V-nickel before giving up and moving out into the main park area. It was the main park that produced the modern change and Jefferson nickel. After the park we went to one of our favorite dumpsites to dig. As soon as we got there I picked up a10k gold ring and a 1937 buffalo nickel completing my first hunting “trifecta”. Also found some wheats, worn pendants more change and a Santal de Midy bottle.

I almost didn’t bring the bottle home because it didn’t appear to be that old. I decided that since it was embossed I would keep it and google the term. Turns out it’s quite an interesting product that was in the bottle. Tablets made from the sandlewood tree to help with all sorts of stomach ailments. Most likely from the vary late 1800’s

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