Saloon Token…

We came across a construction site in downtown Fort Worth. It was the beginning of a new parking lot. For the past 20 years or so it’s been a half grass and half broken asphalt parking lot. It’s history lies in 1909 when a large fire swept that part of town burning every house on this block and many more. Right off the bat we started finding old coins and one of the guys came up with a watch fob. I wasn’t having much luck in the coin category save for a few wheats. However, my redemption came in the form of a nice Fort Worth saloon token.

The Post Office Saloon was located at 708 Houston St. This particular token has the proprietors initials on it, C.A. W. (Charles A Wood), which allowed us to narrow the time frame to 1899-1902.

Eventually I found a few silvers on this site but the token was the top find!

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